KayAnna is older

Today is your birthday! Congrats on your anniversary of being alive!

I had a different post in mind but I decided to make this blog all about you! (And facts somewhat related to you.)


Your name is KayAnna; in English that means, “keeper of keys” or “pure”.

The name Kay means, “rejoice” and the name Anna means, “favor” or “grace”.

Rejoice in the Graceful Keeper of Keys!


Your birthday is May 3rd! (Obviously..)

Some cool people who were also born on May 3rd are: Bing Crosby (who was born in Tacoma, WA) and James Brown (Say It Loud!).


Napoleon V Bonaparte passed away on this day in 1926. Not to be confused with Napoleon Bonaparte, who is the guy you first thought I was talking about. Napoleon V was born 41 years after the famous Napoleon died. He was just some 4th prince or something… of some place… he had no real power.


Some interesting things that have happened on this day:

1802- Washington DC is incorporated as a city. (Hey, you’ve been there!)

1808- Spanish painter depicted this day in his painting “The 3rd of May” (painted in 1814) When I was researching this I got all excited and was like, “I’m going to google the painting and post the photo up and it’ll be cool!”….. It is a sad painting and I’m not posting it. I’ll wait here while you google it.

1830- 1st regular steam train passenger service starts

1851- Most of San Francisco is destroyed by a fire! A fire (possibly arson) broke out in a paint and upholstery store above a hotel. It burned for about 10 hours, before reaching the waterfront; burning down some 2000 buildings, amounting to three-quarters of the city. Total damage estimated around $10–12 million; most was uninsured, as no insurance companies had yet been established in the city.

2003- New Hampshire’s Old Man on the Mountain collapsed. (See photo on header) The first recorded mention of the granite mountain face was in 1805. There was a proposal at one point to make a replica of the old man face but it was declined. There has also been a proposal to put the profile of it on their flag but that hasn’t been done either. There is a memorial for the Old Man though in his town beneath Cannon Mountain.


Enough about the day! Onto another fact about you!


You are left handed! Did you know left-handed people:

    -make up roughly 12% of the population

            -more prone to have allergies

            -more likely to have migraines

            -more likely to be insomniacs

            -better at multitasking

            -recover from strokes faster

            -college grads make 26% more than right handed grads

            -eyes adjust more quickly to seeing underwater No idea how they test this

-have a higher IQ There are more left handed people with an IQ over 140 than right handed people.

  -more easily scared One such experiment, had people watch an eight minute clip from Silence of the Lambs. Left-handed people showed more fear. This is believed because the right side of the brain (the dominant side for lefties) is more involved with people’s fear responses.

-are believed to be evil or cursed by some In old European days, witches were said to cast spells with their left hand. Also if that hand touched you, you would be cursed! (Oh no, I’m doooooomed.)

Some famous Lefties are: Dan Aykroyd, Tim Allen, Matthew Broderick, Charile Chaplin, Tom Cruise, Whoopie Goldberg, Jim Henson, Nicole Kidman, Keanu Reeves, Julia Roberts!, Christian Slater, Dick Van Dyke, Alan Thicke, and Bruce Willis


When you were little you loved Scooby Doo! You were adorable running around at 5 singing the theme song.

Did you know?

-Some people believe that the name Scooby Doo was partially inspired by a Frank Sinatra song

-Audiences suspected that Fred and Daphne would always split off together to have sex but the writers explained that they preferred writing the other three characters more so that’s why they had more screen time

-Scooby is forever 7 years old

-Scooby’s speech disorder is called rhotacrism

-The voice actor for Shaggy was a strong vegetarian and he was constantly pushing for Shaggy to not eat red meat. When Burger King asked Shaggy to be in a commercial the actor walked away from the role of being Shaggy’s voice!


Your favorite movie is Anastasia! (Or at least I know this is in the top three.)

Did you know?


            -Olga really said that Anastasia’s picture looked like a pig riding a donkey. She wrote a letter to her father telling him what her older sister said. The Disney animated version looks very similar to the original

-The portrait from the Fox film includes a spaniel on the left side. The spaniel in the portrait is supposedly her brother, Alexei’s dog. His name is Joy. Anastasia’s spaniel’s name was Jimmy. (I looked for a real photo of portrait with a dog involved and couldn’t find one with the whole family.)

-In the Fox film the ballet they go to is Cinderella

-In Celtic folklore a “pooka” is a creature that can shape shift and bring luck

-In the animated film people refer to Anastasia as a “princess”. In Russian royalty, she would have been referred to as “the Grand Duchess”

-Anastasia was described as a bright and gifted child but she was also very mischievous. One quoted, “she undoubtedly held the record for punishable deeds in her family.” She often tripped servants and pulled pranks on tutors. She would often climb trees and refuse to come down.

-Her brother was born with Hemophilia B, a hereditary disease that prevents blood from clotting. He would often be carried around so he would not fall, thereby causing internal bruising or bleeding, which could lead to death. Rasputin, a close friend of the family, (yes you heard me correctly) would often tell the boy stories to calm him down and help him recuperate when he was injured.


Whelp, I think I have been rambling long enough. I was going to throw in some Slytherin facts too but I think I am going to stop here, so you will have to just look those up on your own. I hope you have a good day even though you wont get to see my face.

-HKay :3


P.S. (Post Scriptum, incase you were wondering)

I learned today that nieces and aunts share between 78.48% and 79.57% of SNPs. Meaning that 25% of our DNA is common with one another. Also doing lots of reading about DNA is hard. Science is hard.






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