Second Sunday in May

If for whatever reason you were unaware, the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. Oh crap, yea stop reading this and go buy your mother a present. Or grandmother, aunt, lady down the street, I don’t care just appreciate some people. Now I could go on and write a nice mushy post about how Moms are great. They really are, they’re the true definition of BADASS. However, I’ve decided to write a post about why I will never celebrate this day as, or even be, a mother. At least not the mother of like… a human child, but one of those people who call their pets their kids. Sounds nice.


“Where do you want be in X amount of years?” The picture above, that looks pretty great to me….


Any time I tell someone I don’t want a child I get pretty much the same responses:


“You’ll change your mind when you’re older.”

“Oh so you are too selfish to want children.”

Why? First of all, I just have no desire. I always thought I was going to have kids because it was a requirement for life. At one point in human history it was. But honestly, this planet is over populated and me not having children will not be the end of Homo sapiens. So if it’s not a requirement, then there really is no reason for me to have them. Gross, expensive, creepy, dirty things that you’re stuck with until death. No thank you, I will pass. Now there are going to be people that just won’t understand this. I understand where you are coming from, you’re biologically programmed to think the blubs of baby are cute.

Sometimes I do too I mean look at those blubs, they’re adorable. But most of the time babies are funny looking…  Plus all they a2e025b30f2e129672b480a54ecc0b6c--baby-bears-teddy-bears.jpgstern-baby.jpg.838x0_q80.jpgdownload-3.jpgdo is cry, eat, sleep and poop, which also sounds like the vague description of a college student. More seriously, if I don’t want children why do you feel the need to have an ‘acceptable’ answer/reason, or even, to change my mind?

You’ll change your mind when you’re older. I sincerely doubt it. Maybe I’m actually a liar. Maybe I’ll read this post one day and laugh. Then apologize to my children, maybe.This hypothetical situation is extremely unlikely. Honestly, this response annoys me the most. Yes even more than the one about being selfish. I’ll tell you why. I am only 19, that is pretty young to make such a big decision; but if I’m supposedly old enough to vote, own my own home (theoretically–I’m not Kylie Jenner), get married, and apparently know what I’m going to do for a job for the rest of my life… Why again am I not able to know I don’t want offspring?


Suppose I do change my mind, I’m still not ‘having a child.’ I can tell you with complete positivity I will never give birth. No baby will come out of there, it is not happening. I will adopt. There are millions of children in this world who deserve a family. Honestly, I might be a foster parent later in life just for that reason.

Oh so you are too selfish to want children. I mean, if not having a child because there is no biological need and I don’t want one is selfish; then yes. I want to travel and explore the world. I do want to think of myself first. If I want to just go to the beach, or out, or really wherever, well I just want to go. I don’t want to think about a litter. If that is selfish then so be it. Backpacking around Europe sounds better than backpacks for school. Seeing the power of the Taj Mahal, is better than carpool to soccer practice. Come on, look at that. That’s a real place.

download-2 10.31.05 PM.jpg images-5 10.31.02 PM.jpg

Say, for some wild reason those kid related things sound nice, I literally have tons of little cousins. The youngest one is barely 4 months. I think there are 7 cousins, all under 12. That’s just the little ones that live near me. Not to mention my sister said she wants 4 children. FOUR. Really, there is no need for me to have a child, there are more than enough.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. There are some things people seem to like about having children. I can’t seem to list them but there are. Plus, parents are seriously awesome; at least most of the time. Don’t think I don’t think you are awesome because you’ve got your own blub of baby. I don’t think my choices are better than yours. They are just better for me. I just ask the same for you. Don’t think you’re superior or something because your passing your DNA along into the next generation. For those of you who also don’t want kids, keep not ‘kid-ding’ up your life. If you change your mind.. HAHA sucks for you. I’m sort of kidding… But hey, it’s your life. Enjoy it.

images-5 10.31.36 PM.jpg

Also…. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms out there!


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