Hot Air Balloons and Golf Carts

Well I am late. KayAnna gets to pick my topic next week. I would make excuses and stay I was busy but…. I was playing Minecraft. Worth it.   Last week, the awesome Smudde did a guest post for us because both Kay and I were working at the Balloon Festival. This year, I believe, … Continue reading Hot Air Balloons and Golf Carts


//Voidsmans Log: GUEST//

//Cargo Ship: Holy Deliverance//+//Time Coordinate - 819.M41// The hallway was sweltering.  The walls weren't even solid: just an entangled web of metal pipes, plasteel columns, and cords.  It created the semblance of hallways and chambers.  But in reality the underdeck was one massive platform of the ship.  And everything was radiating heat. This ship was … Continue reading //Voidsmans Log: GUEST//

My Eyes

I am going to be talking about some stuff that may be a bit graphic for some, so if you are squeamish, you may not want to read this.   I am nearsighted. Extremely so. We are talking about the kind of nearsightedness that when the doctor comes to see me he says, “holy crap … Continue reading My Eyes