Hot Air Balloons and Golf Carts

Well I am late. KayAnna gets to pick my topic next week. I would make excuses and stay I was busy but…. I was playing Minecraft. Worth it.


Last week, the awesome Smudde did a guest post for us because both Kay and I were working at the Balloon Festival. This year, I believe, was the 30th anniversary! Basically you go and there are vendors you can go and look at and there are hot air balloons everywhere! Some of them tether, meaning they tie ropes to vehicles to keep them low to the ground, and they go up about 50 feet them come back down. Other balloons go way up in the sky and they hang around and look awesome.

Kayanna does a lot of the behind the scenes things. She gives vendors their paperwork and tells them where on the field they need to put their tents and trailers. During the festival, she runs errands and does ice deliveries to the different food shops.

My job was a little more random. I (along with a crew) set up fencing, clamp them together, set up picket signs down the street, set up tent banners above the tents, move tents, shuttle people, and run lots of errands.


The best part of the festival is driving around in golf carts! Stealing moments away to drive down the trails with the trees enveloping around us and shielding us from the harsh sun. Those are the best moments. This year, unfortunately it was waaay too hot. Even driving down the paths didn’t even cut it. I arrived Sunday about midday and I texted KayAnna to see where she was and she responded with, “I’m in the Ice Trailer.” Sure enough, all the ice had been sold and because of the crazy heat wave all the ice in that area of the city had been sold out. With no more ice deliveries, she had bought some ice cream and plopped down inside the empty trailer chilling in the AC. It was a very good hiding place. Also her ice cream was a very good flavor! Thanks for sharing your Mountain Blackberry! ❤

The funniest part about the festival was when Caleb, one of the crew, came up to me and said he had a heard a complaint from a woman who attended the festival and he didn’t know what to do about it. I asked what happened. A woman came to him and asked if he worked at the festival. He said that he was a crewman and that he was hired to help out. “Well can you tell your boss that there is a man racing around here on a quad with his crack showing! It is not appropriate! There are children here!” We immediately busted up laughing because we both knew exactly who she was talking about…. It was my brother. Who WAS our boss. Aw man, it is still hilarious to me. I told him about it later and we had a good laugh.


Well I don’t have too much else to say about the festival. It was a very long week and a lot of work. But I am going to take this opportunity to talk about hot air balloons and golf carts!

*The first passengers in a hot air balloon was a rooster, a sheep, and a duck.

* Jean-François Pilâtre De Rozier along with one other man were the first people that flew inside of a hot air balloon. This was on November 21, 1783. Two years later he tried to fly over the English Channel in a half hot air / half hydrogen air balloon. Unfortunately, the balloon exploded after 30 minutes and this event made him the first man to be killed in a hot air balloon.

*In 1808, two Frenchman, Monsieurs Granpre and Le Pique decided to have a duel in balloons! They were fighting over the love of Mademoiselle Tirevit who was a dancer at the Paris Opera when they came up with this amazing idea. They went up in the balloons and Pique shot a blunderbuss at the other guy and missed. Granpre shot and he did not miss. Pique’s balloon deflated within minutes and he was killed. I don’t think anyone knows what the girl thought of all of this. I don’t know if they were a thing or not.


*Hot air balloons cannot fly in the rain. The hot air inside the balloon will cause the rain drops to boil and then the balloon will melt apart and obviously fall from the sky.


Okay well, I was going to talk about how awesome golf carts are but there is nothing interesting about golf carts… Anywhere. Apparently there are no weird facts about golf carts and it looks like they are about as interesting to talk about as golf itself! Which is not interesting at all. Golf is an old man sport. Smudde, I’m talking to you. Haha joking.

But yeah, golf cart stuff is super boring. I cant even find any good stories about golf cart injuries. 30% of injuries involve children under the age of 13. (Likely because they did it to themselves. *cough* your-little-sister-turning-too-quickly-and-driving-into-a-ditch-almost-unto-the-water *cough*) Most injuries are soft tissue injuries. Bruises, sprains, etc, from jumping out of the cart or being flung out of the cart from fast turns. We would no nothing about that….


HOLY CRAP! Okay. Just found out that THIS MONTH a woman died after riding in a golf cart! Let me explain. Apparently she had two glasses of wine in her hands. I don’t know if she was like double fisting wine or possibly holding the drivers wine? Anyway, the driver made a sharp left turn and she was flung from the cart and fell on the wine glasses. She bled to death. That is crazy!


I think the only accident I have been involved in was getting flung out of the side of a cart while someone else did donuts. I landed on my feet though. Not very exciting. I know one year, KayAnna was riding down the rode collecting signs and her driver ran over her leg because she want in the cart all the way. >< Rough time.

ANYWAY. Don’t drink and drive kids. Also be careful in moving vehicles. Ending on a happier note, check out this awesome golf cart I need to get someday.


-HKAY :3


2 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons and Golf Carts

  1. I can’t believe you’d bring up such a traumatic time for me so soon after it happened. Also, BET my ass was in the ice trailer. That was the only place I could enjoy my ice cream without it melting.
    As far as golf cart injuries, didn’t I tell you how I got my leg ran over by a golf cart? I went to hop on the passenger side and the guy driving hit the gas, I fell off and somehow my leg went under the cart. All I got was a nasty bruise, I didn’t even cry or go to urgent care. I guess you could say I’m pretty tough. (Just don’t break my pencil I will cry)

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