If you read the post Second Sunday in May, then you know I made it clear I want, and plan, to travel. But I don’t think you realize just how strong the desire is. I would pack a bag and hit the road right this instant, if I could. I know how that sounds, it sounds like a desire to run. Though that may be part of it, probably something I’ve buried deep down, this is primarily a reason to discover. This is a big planet. Before my last breath my plan is to see and experience as much of it as possible. I don’t even think there is anywhere I don’t want to go. (Except Arizona that place is a shit hole, okay maybe Sedona because I’ve never seen it. PSA, the Grand Canyon is pretty cool. It makes you realize how powerful water is. As if the ocean isn’t a good reminder…)

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this post. Just that when I thought of what to write about this week I couldn’t keep my mind off of this. You see I have a list of topics I want to, or could, write about. The very first idea/prompt on that list is ‘wanderlust’. One of the things I want most in the world is to see the world.


I want to travel so bad:

-I constantly read travel blogs.

-There are multiple YouTubers who travel for a living, whose videos I watch in envy.

-I watch videos on the best way to pack travel bags and what to pack in those bags.

-I have 3 Pinterest boards all relating to travel.

-I’ve read multiple travel books the lady I house sit for owns. Plus some of my own.

In short, I’ve literally been doing wanderlust-research for years. Are there even people out there who don’t want to travel? Something is wrong with them.


Like I said, I really don’t think there is anywhere I don’t want to go see. I want to everything. And I really don’t care in what order I see it. However, there are places that I know I must go. Of course Europe, of course the Seven wonders of the world, all of the major places. But what about the places you hear about a little less? Still tourist-y I’m sure. There is one place I’m thinking about in particular…


Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin is an island just East off the coast of Puerto Rico, a little past the British Virgin Islands. Yes that region is beautiful in general, but do you know what makes this island particularly special? Half of the island is French and the other half is Dutch. Plus a mid 1700s version of it was just featured in the most recent Pirates movie. So could it get any better? Let me clarify one thing though. I don’t just want to go there because it was in the pirates movie. This island is somewhere I’ve wanted to go since the summer of 2012. I know, very specific. But that was also the first year I went to Sunriver.

Short-story-time; I went on vacation to Sunriver with my best friend and her family. Her mom was watching International House Hunters on HGTV. You can see where this is going I’m sure. Well while watching the episode Kayla (my best friend) and I decided to look up more about this island, and we fell in love.

Here is what we found, along with new information I’ve just gathered:

-St Martin is a fairly small island. Only 34.9 sq miles. For perspective, Los Angeles is 469 sq miles. Granted LA is pretty big, but an entire island is smaller than that whole city. Literally a fraction of the size.

-Yup, Half Dutch/Half French. That means French and Dutch food. French and Dutch culture, all on less than 34.9 square miles of land.


-On average the weather stays somewhere between 75 and 82 degrees year round. How great?

-There are a whole bunch of cute little shops.

-They have their own zoo.

-There is tourist type places, historical spots, marine/wildlife, beaches, hiking, nightlife, small town vibe, etc.

-Dutch cuisine.

-French cuisine.

-So, so much more…

Man, I hope this place lives up to all the hype I’ve given it. Could you imagine if I saved up all this money, planned an insane trip to this island, got there and hated it? That would be an unfortunate experience.


This is kind of a short post for me. But I don’t know what else to say, because I have so much more to say on the topic. Don’t worry though I’ll keep you updated on the topic. Enjoy some photos of Saint Martin.





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