Work in Progess

Sometimes I have a hard time giving a fuck, other times I care way too much. The key is to find the balance, and to know which is appropriate for the situation at hand. The only issue is I have a habit of losing my keys. So maybe balancing can help make up for that, but you see I’m not very good at that either.

I lose keys and I have terrible balance, not the best combination. I mean you saw this post. I really am a human disaster. If you want to see a flawed human being in their natural habitat follow me around for a day.

These aren’t things I want to leave the way they are. I believe if you work hard enough you can make a change, throughout multiple aspects of life. I’m ready to work hard enough if you guys don’t mind being my witness and holding me accountable? The more I think about how I want more balance in life, the more I have to think about how I can do this. Like I said, I’m willing to work hard, but work hard on what? Knowing when to care and when to let things go comes with experience and intuition… but balancing takes practice. So here is where I think I’ll start, with what I want to change, why and how. . .

Organization. To me organization is cleanliness and I tend to be a bit of a messy person. Professional-organizer.jpgWhen it comes to my school work, I keep things very organized and I have a system. But that system can be limited by the shit hole that is my room. It’s hard to keep your mind organized if your surroundings are not. Clothes are everywhere, I have a desk but it’s never been properly set up to be used regularly (let me tell you, I really need to be using a desk), and just chaos, too much crap. So, I’m going to clean and put things away in an organized manner. I’m also going to purge. I just watched a documentary in Netflix called “Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.” This is really worth watching. You don’t have to ‘convert to minimalism’ or anything, I certainly am not, but it does make you think about what you purchase and puts the way you think about your possessions in a new light. (It also made me really think about another topic I’ll talk about later.) I’ll be honest, I’m way too much of a hoarder for that. I like things. However, I don’t need all of the things. Now when I go through all of my stuff, if there is an item that doesn’t have a purpose, I don’t have a purpose for, or I just don’t use, it’s gone. Sold or donated.

Sleep Schedule. Do you realize how detrimental the amount of sleep you get is to your overall health? download-2.jpgRight now, I get a monthly average of 6 hours and 20 minutes, according to what I’ve logged in an app I have. I’m 19, the actual health professional recommended amount of sleep for someone my age is 7-9 hours; At best, I’m getting an average of 40 minutes less than I should. That doesn’t sound that huge, but if you do your research on the finds from studies done on the biologically need for sleep, there is a reason the minimum is 7 hours. For instance, there have links to the glymphatic system in your brain, that works while you sleep, needing to do its job in order to lower your risk of things like Alzheimer’s. Sleep needs to be a priority. And the past week my average was 4 hours and 42 minutes.

School. Now I said I’m pretty organized with my school work. But I’m not the best and there is always room to improve. 9ae8bcfcff4e1836f0f6fab79271a0f0--notetaking-tips-college-notebook.jpgLike I said in the post of mine I linked above, I procrastinate, and to be honest it has hurt my schooling before. This is my worst habit and it needs to be broken. The day something is assigned I need to at least start working on it. I take a lot of notes but I need to do more than study with them the days before the test.

Give me some time, but I’m already working on this. Hopefully this encourages you to work on whatever it is you’ve been wanting to improve in your life.


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