New Place

It’s happening again. The free walking space is becoming cluttered with things. Dead trees in the form of brown cubes are starting to pop up and the things are getting stowed away in the cubes then they get sealed up. The smell of plastic bursts out as the adhesive strips unroll to close up the tops of the cubes. The cubes get stacked. Higher and higher they cover up the whole wall! A city of cardboard skyscrapers with graffiti scribbled on their sides, labeling the things inside. I don’t like how the room progressively gets smaller and smaller.

This is not unfamiliar; I have done this a few times. I tell myself not to stress but easier said than done. My best friends give me words of encouragement and that is always makes me feel better. Change tends to give me anxiety and I’m sure you are aware of how crappy that feels. Your brain works overtime, you have trouble sleeping, your food doesn’t taste quite right (or maybe that’s just the left over taste of some weird Chinese food we got last night.) That’s one thing that’s bitter sweet about this process. Lots of fast food comes into the house. Pros: its tastes so good even though its so bad for me. Cons: lots of trash among everything else everywhere and it makes the space smell weird.

Sometimes, I catch myself pacing, wondering what the future holds in store for me. Will things be better? Will I miss this place? How is all this stuff going to come with us? Time will tell. I keep losing track of the days. Everyone’s schedule is getting way out of whack. I want to sleep till its over.

Suddenly Kristina shows up! I like her; she is very nice and fun. Devon brings me into her living room, and as I am saying hi to her, he leaves! What the heck is this? I should be helping! I cry a little when I realize he is gone. Its so embarrassing being this way in front of my friend but I cant help it. Not long after I realize how tired I am, and I hope Kristina doesn’t mind, but I ended up taking a nap in her living room. floor I woke up some time later and look over to realize that she has fallen asleep too! I bop her in the nose to wake her.

We soon ended up going for a walk! I love walks! It was so much fun being out in the fresh air and wide-open spaces. Being inside with the rooms shrinking was starting to take a toll on me. This was a much-needed break! Then she tells me we are going to meet up with some people at MOD Pizza. Never been there before, but as we start to get close, I quickly approve of this place, as the smell of it drifts to my nose. We stand out front waiting for the others when my ears prick up to the familiar sound of Devons car! There’s Devon and Heather! She is my human and I love her! Kristina lets me run to her and she pats my ears just the way I like it! I wait in the car while they go and get me some pizza. I hate waiting in lines.

Soon we drive up a new street. I have never been here before! This is not the normal way we go; I can tell. We pull up to a house and all pile out of the car. The once enticing pizza goes unnoticed as I inspect the grass out front. Seems pretty soft. Devon calls me inside and I run over. Hey! Our couch is here! I’m glad I didn’t have to lift that. I wander around the living room. Seems like a good size. Passing the couch, I turn down the hallway and inspect all the rooms. Devon gives me the grand tour and shows me his room, the game room, and the art room.


Where is my room?

He didn’t answer.


Then I got to see the outside from the food room. There is so much space in this area of outside! There is lots of places to run! I check it for quality assurance. Seemed pretty legit to me. This place is very cool but it has lots of weird sounds. A few times I heard a thing and shouted to alert Heather of it. She seemed very upset and told me to quiet down. I hope she doesn’t worry. If that sound happens again I will drown it out with my shouting again so it doesn’t frighten her. I am very tough. I hold my tail high so everyone knows it.

The cubes are starting to deflate. I could have sworn they were crammed full but I keep seeing them suddenly appear on the ground empty and some of them flat. These cubes are quite mysterious. The things from the old place are starting to show up. That’s a relief I lost track of where they were. As they start spreading out around the house the air is starting to fill more familiar. The smell of our stuff is taking over the empty dusty smell. I think I will like it here.

Well I am sleepy now and I finally found my spot. A nice cool and quiet dark place at the end of the hall. Don’t walk here I called dibs.


-Shep ^w^







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