Birthday Weekend

So I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite birthdays ever. Also sorry for the double birthday related post. Actually I’m not sorry. Haha


My birthday came on a Thursday this year, and being an adult I had to work, but my birthday celebration actually started on Wednesday night. Devon and I just moved and so with numerous bills and a move in deposit, things have been tight. (Which is fine, we have an awesome house now!) But I digress, Wednesday night Devon got home from work and came in the room with a bouquet of flowers! They were beautiful and the first flowers that I have ever received from Devon, actually. >w< They also came with a card and he found a mini chocolate cake that he started making for me right then and there. It was the size of a plate and some of the most moist and delicious cake I’ve ever had.


They were little roses ❤

(Thursday – my birthday) Devon and I had to work. I was off at 5pm and Devon had to work till 10pm. All my friends were also busy and I didn’t really try to plan anything honestly. My mom mailed me a book, that I was very excited to read, so I planned on spending a quiet night at home chilling with my book and Sheppy. After I got home from work, I was surprised to Devon coming home not long after! He had managed to get off work early to spend the evening with me! We called up our friend Eric and played Borderlands all night! It was a blast. I am seriously digging the new head I got for my character. She has a bunny eared hat like Louise from Bob’s Burgers (One of my favourite shows) and a Minecraft color theme (Minecraft is my favourite video game.)


Imagine this chick with a bunny eared hat

Friday – I got to pick up KayAnna and we had a good time visiting and catching up.

Saturday – We went on a float down the river. We packed up the floating cooler and met up with a few friends and my brother! (Kay’s dad) I was very excited because even though he is my brother, our age difference is so far apart; I haven’t got to spend much time with him like normal siblings do with each other. The float lasted about 5 hours and it was a blast! At the halfway mark, we stopped for sammiches and KayAnna spotted small fish by the shore. I decided I needed to catch one!

Side note: Every other Saturday, Devon and I meet up with our group of friends and play DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). I have a gnome character in Ellis’s campaign, and during a few sessions, I have spent a bit of time collecting fish to fill a fountain at a monastery.

This was my moment. I decided then and there that catching these fish with my hands had to be done and I wasn’t leaving this spot until I accomplished my mission. So everyone stood or sat on the bank, eating their packed lunches, and there I lay; belly down in the water, my hands cupped trying to stealthily scoop up small sardine sized fish. KayAnna assisted by building a rock wall on one side to prevent fish from swimming away from that direction. Soon I found victory. I excitedly yelled to my group to alert them of my success, and Fry took a photo, so I could show Ellis that even in real life I am a badass who can catch fish. With my hands. It was a small victory but it felt good. Being an adult sucks. You forget to stop and do the simple things. The things that put a big grin on your face and make you happy for no particular reason at all. I named that first fish Ellis. Then I continued to catch one fish for all of my Rogue Trader and DnD group. At one point, I held two fish in my cupped hands and Devon poked his finger at them. I yelled at him not to hurt Smudde and Pretzel Fish! He bonked Smudde Fish in the head.

After the fish catching, I ate, and then hurried back into the water to find more things! Shortly after I had gone back in, KayAnna spotted a snake! A small dark colored snake with a white single stripe down its body. Devon named him Bartholomew and he was super awesome. I held him for a while, then returned him back into the shallows where I found him. It is so freaking cool slash frightening to see a snake maneuver in water. In his case, it was adorable. He was about as thick as a pen and his small little water maneuvers were pretty cool to watch. But imagining a large rainforest snake swimming in water freaked me out a little. (Also, I learned today that all snakes can swim… I never really thought about it and that freaks me out. Also, you’re welcome for that knowledge that you have to share with me.)

Nothing too crazy happened on the float. (As in nothing catastrophic.) At one point, my brother’s float got two small holes in it and he started to sink. The water in this particular spot was deeper than other areas (most areas you can just stand up in the water) so he had to swim to the edge and sit on the large boulders while he waited for his float patch to set. I threw my float up on the rocks and continued to look for things. We saw a chicken chilling by the water, sunbathing, but I didn’t try to bother it. KayAnna spotted a crawfish hiding in the large rocks and of course I had to try and catch it. Very quickly, and without even getting pinched, I had it in my hands. It waggled its tail at first, probably afraid I was going to eat it, but it soon chilled out and went for a walk around my hands and arms. It was really awesome. I named him too… But right now I cannot remember what it was…

**I dont have any photos from the float because the phone we took photos with ended up in the water**

Back at home I got to play with my birthday present!


Some backstory: KayAnna has been taking a class called Chemistry in Art. It is basically like technical arts and crafts but you get college credit for it. She has been sending me photos of her assignments and basically they are all really impressive. It was very exciting to see and I even got to go to her school and see some of the experiments in person! She even gave me a few! They are so cool!

2017-08-09 09.18.43

Its a tree! With a tree coin! Actually it is the symbol for silver3

Anyway, for my birthday she gave me a box with a bunch of individually wrapped items. I opened up wire, jars, batteries, and borax, among other things. Before I could ask what was happening she handed me a 6-page pamphlet she made. She put together experiments for us to do together!


We didn’t get too much time to do the wire experiment but basically you hook up a rod to a battery and then make a solution and put it in a jar. Then you hook up the other end of the battery to a wire and put it in the solution for 30 seconds to a minute and the wire will change color. Then you add an additional battery and repeat for an additional color. Different voltages. Different colors. Really really awesome. I need to actually do something cool with this but I am not sure what yet. I think I want to make a necklace.


KayAnna made this! ❤

The other experiment was for making paint! You take distilled water, white chalk, pigment, and eggs. You crack an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Once you have the yolk, you take it gently in your hands and roll it from one hand to the other until the outer layer of the yolk is dry. Poking a hole in the yolk sack, you pour the yoke inside into a jar and then carefully lift the sack away and throw it away, so only the liquid part of the yolk is in the jar. Then you add the rest of the ingredients. We let them sit overnight.



Sunday – We get to paint! Actually using the paint was a bit of a challenge. It was somewhere between an acrylic and a watercolor and each one was different. The green was the worst (It was the firs one we did and spent the most time on) and the red was the best. We worked on canvases for about 4 and a half hours watching Alice (the mini series) and Moana (for the 6th time since it came out on Netflix – I have a problem). We only used the colors that we made with the experiment. I did use sharpie for my letters because I was starting to get tired of painting and also the paint was getting hard to quickly being exposed to air. I like the paint because it was a challenge, I liked the watercolor effect it gave and I liked that it was forgiving in the sense of if you didn’t like what was happening with it you could wet it and remove it from the canvas. A problem that came up with that was if the painting got damp or if it was very humid, would the color come off? We spray painted them with a matte finish to help protect the color.


KayAnna’s canvas. Complete with twenty one pilots lyrics


My canvas

We also watched Harry Potter, which was just the icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, KayAnna made me one! It had peanut butter frosting and it was a chocolate cake that was dyed to look like a green swirl cake. She decorated the top with little candy spheres and put a big ‘H’ on the top. I decided that my piece needed to be the ‘H’ and cut a piece out of the middle of the cake for myself. Upon lifting the piece to my bowl I realized there was more frosting then cake here! She told me that when the cake was baked, the center collapsed, and her dad told her that she should just fill the hole with frosting because that’s what Grandma Phyllis would have done! I laughed so hard.


It was a great weekend. I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to for my birthday but I did have a great time. I’m thankful for the people I did see and for all the birthday wishes. Seeing my brother was also super great because I don’t get to do many things with him. Also spending one on one time with my twin is always super great and I wish we could do it more often. Catching up was really nice and sharing old photos that my mom sent me is always a great time.


This is going down as one of my best birthdays ever. ❤


-HKay :3



Gift from Kristina ❤







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