November 23

Yesterday, as you should probably know, was Thanksgiving. It was also my sister’s 17th birthday. I love my sister but she’s also the worst. Here’s seventeen reasons why: I could’ve been an only child (as long as you ignore my half siblings like they ignore me) She steals all of my clothes She steals my … Continue reading November 23


Stranded Island (wpc)

For posting late I have received a writing prompt challenge from KayAnna.   Blinking slowly, I lifted my head and looked around. This was not home. The once blue walls were now a dull gray. This was not right… I tried to stand from the bed I was laying in and almost toppled over before … Continue reading Stranded Island (wpc)


Early December 2006, I’m living in Snowflake-Taylor, Arizona with my Mom, Dad, and sister, Keylee. My Mom is a cheer coach for the small Jr. High there. Her cheerleaders are running the concessions stand at a basketball game. They had run out of the nasty, all too loved, nacho cheese along with a few other … Continue reading BZC