Take the knife

I just went to a women’s leadership conference and it was incredible. I learned a lot, ate a lot of food, experienced some things, met some great people and I have a lot to share. But to be honest, I’m still sort of digesting everything. I mean truly. That was a jam-packed 6 days. But … Continue reading Take the knife


Marimo! (and bonus DnD Story: Sway and Breeze)

I learned about something I didn't know existed this week!   Marimo! Marimo is a moss ball! The name for it literally means “ball” “seaweed” (referencing the seaweed green color, I believe). They were first discovered in the 1820s by Anton E. Sauter in Lake Zell, Austria. They are a rare form that exists by … Continue reading Marimo! (and bonus DnD Story: Sway and Breeze)

Big Ben

Heather got to choose my topic this week and guess what she chose. Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben: history, facts, fiction, non-fiction, lore, etc. So here goes nothing…   Elizabeth Tower is the name of the actual tower that houses Parliament, but it is more famously and more commonly known as ‘Big Ben.’ Though it is called … Continue reading Big Ben