Marimo! (and bonus DnD Story: Sway and Breeze)

I learned about something I didn’t know existed this week!




Marimo is a moss ball! The name for it literally means “ball” “seaweed” (referencing the seaweed green color, I believe). They were first discovered in the 1820s by Anton E. Sauter in Lake Zell, Austria.


They are a rare form that exists by moss getting rolled over itself and forming a ball. It has no kernel or core and is green inside and out. The presence of green all around the sphere is important, because no matter where the ball is floating or moving, it can photosensitize and produce food. Marimo can grow rather large up to 12inches! And some of the marimo that were discovered 200 years ago are still around.


You can even buy marimo! Some people buy them for their fish tanks (make sure you feed your fish so they don’t attack your marimo!) others put their marimo in bowls or little bottles for themselves. Marimos change color depending on if they are getting enough artificial light (don’t put them in direct sunlight! They will die!) or depending on the nutrients or minerals in the water. If they get dirty, or when you are changing their water, you need to take them out and gently rub and rinse them rolling them softly in your hands. They can also float or sink as they collect air bubbles on their little hairs.


They grow in giant beds some of them ranging 6 to 8 feet. They had a huge decline because of tourists wanting to take them home and natives selling them off for money. Preserves have been put in place and faux marimo is sold now with the money going to protect the marimo.


Japan, being Japan, created an adorable character that is a marimo. His name is Marimokkori! The first part of the name meaning green and the second part of the name meaning, “bulge”. It is also the slang term for “erection” in Japan.

I tried to find more info about him, to see if they had some sort of story or cartoon with him, like Hello Kitty or something. No dice. Cant find anything more than he was invented in 2005? 2006? and he was banned from some stores for a while (take a wild guess why). He gained popularity and was soon sold at a lot more places… He is kid friendly. He is cute. He is happy to see you. He is Maimokkori.


Well that’s about it. There is not a lot to know about it but I thought it was too awesome not to share.





I am going to be doing a one off DnD session tomorrow, and I thought since this post is so short, I will share my backstory with you guys. I know I didn’t need to make a backstory for a one time play session but I had a cool idea for a character being a Corgi rider. I envisioned like a gnome or faerie village having knights but with corgis instead of horses (for obvious reasons). But with knights or guardians of course there has to be some sort of test or trial. Anyway, hope you like it. I hope to make more stories with this character. Here is her backstory:


“Do you realize what you are doing? You are gambling with your life!”


It was a cool day and the orangey red leaves lay scattered around the forest floor. The trees softly rustled in the breeze and the smell of fresh earth was a constant reminder that no human colonies had made it this far out in the world.


“Well it is a good thing I am not gambling with your life or else you’d be really upset,” I retorted, unable to help myself. Some of my peers snickered, some stared straight ahead, others fiddled anxiously with their saddle straps but none spoke.


“These are no common Corgis, Sway; these are the top of the line, pureblood Chargers!” The weathered gnome in front of me gestured down the line of Corgis standing idly by their gnome riders. “If you plan on surviving the Rider Trials, you will take these lessons seriously!”


“Yes, Master Rider..” I replied quietly, looking to my Charger and pulling the crown of woven leaves and vines off his head. Before I could toss the headdress aside, he snatched up the ring in his mouth and shook, sending leaves and debris flying in every direction. I stifled a giggle, and luckily Master Rider had already turned his back to us, and not noticed the wide flurry of leaves. My peers grumbled, pulling leaves out of their hair and tossing me dirty looks, but I continued grinning unbothered.


“They’ll let any sort of garbage in the Trials these days,” one of the muscular boys jeered quietly to his Charger. “A mutt riding a mutt. How pathetic…” His Charger snorted and stomped a paw on the ground nodding his head up and down.


Clenching my fists, I did my best not to react to his jab at the fact I was only half blood.. I looked to my Corgi and rubbed the top of his muzzle with one hand and whispered, “Don’t listen to him, Breeze.. We will show them.” Breeze licked the side of my face and ruffled his ears. I leaned against his side and took comfort to his soft fur pressed against my cheek. Sighing, I closed my eyes enjoying the moment while it lasted. Which was not very long.


“Are you going to close your eyes while fighting a troll, Sway?” Master Rider growled, interrupting his lecture. “You’re demonstrating the perfect way to find sudden death out in the Trials!”


“I dunno, is the troll gonna bore me to death?” I grumbled under my breath, opening my eyes to glare at the crotchety gnome standing in front of us attempting to hop up on his Charger mount.


I spent the rest of the lesson day dreaming of Trial Day. In a few days time, we would start our Rider Trials and venture off in the world seeking enlightenment and danger. We would be tasked with surviving a year on our own and could not return without a trophy from a fallen beast or a favor from a noble.



PS I’ll post her adventure for you guys later on my other channel. (For real this time)

(Not my art but I imagine this)


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.37.40 PM






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