Heather and KayAnna are twins. Yes, 9 years is quite the time gap between births. Yes, it is strange how it looks like Heather is KayAnna’s aunt. But they’re not just an aunt and niece with a close bond, no. They’re twins.

The name of the blog, you ask? Kay is Heather’s middle name, and duh, the beginning of KayAnna’s first name. Kay X Kay = Kay Squared. I know, very clever.

More answers to questions you didn’t ask? OK!

Both KayAnna and Heather live in the Northwest. They were both born in Arizona but can agree, the desert sucks.

The Kays also agree:
-The Office (US) is one of, if not the best show, of all time. Jim and Pam forever.
-Ramen noodles should be its own food group, along with pizza.
-Adulting is lame, but you get to stay up late and eat ice cream whenever you want.

There are also things The Kays don’t agree on but I’m sure we shouldn’t even open that can of worms.

Thanks for joining us. Hope you have a great time reading our rants and crazy ramblings. :3