Art History

I made it out alive. Winter term is officially over, I was able to take 20 credits and end the term with a 3.8 GPA that I definitely do not feel like I deserve. Taking 5 four-credit courses at once was overwhelming to say the least. There were some weeks that were easier than others. … Continue reading Art History


Brief History of Thought

Stress, stress you are no fun. Stress, str—   Oh sorry, I couldn’t finish that I was too stressed out and died. Next week is dead week (aka the last week before finals, when all major deadline occur), and I have like 6 assignments I could be working on. But it’s fine, I’m fine.   … Continue reading Brief History of Thought


Conflict is everywhere. In the news, at work, school, home, and even inside ourselves. Everywhere. Navigating conflicts, arguments, etc. can be incredible difficult. When you feel so strongly about something it can be difficult to see anything other than your own subjective rightness. ‘Subjective rightness’ is what a person feels or thinks is right due … Continue reading Conflict


Early December 2006, I’m living in Snowflake-Taylor, Arizona with my Mom, Dad, and sister, Keylee. My Mom is a cheer coach for the small Jr. High there. Her cheerleaders are running the concessions stand at a basketball game. They had run out of the nasty, all too loved, nacho cheese along with a few other … Continue reading BZC