Kay’s Update

Apparently my hiatus was longer than Heather’s because I’m garbage! What’s new? This post I’ll just give a generic update then give you all an actual post next week. I’m not sure if I’ve shared about it on here but I house sit for a crazy cat lady, I have for almost 3 years now! … Continue reading Kay’s Update


Seattle pt.2

You’re right I am going to post about Seattle, except it’s going to basically be the same as the first Seattle post. Which is a bunch of pictures detailing what we did with some words. A little bit of a back story for you guys, I got Heather and I Ed Sheeran tickets for Christmas. … Continue reading Seattle pt.2


Last Friday was your birthday! But festivities started Thursday, let me remind you.. You arrived to pick me up while I was in the shower, yes in the late afternoon/early evening. Guess you just had to wait for me... When we got there we quickly set up and began playing Kingdom Death Monster. It's quite … Continue reading Seattle


Believe it or not this was written on time. However, my house has been wifi-less for about two weeks and my data tethering said NO. So I am currently at Heather’s while she play Rogue Trader and I’m gonna edit some things, add some things, subtract some others. But keep this post what it is. … Continue reading J

Big Ben

Heather got to choose my topic this week and guess what she chose. Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben: history, facts, fiction, non-fiction, lore, etc. So here goes nothing…   Elizabeth Tower is the name of the actual tower that houses Parliament, but it is more famously and more commonly known as ‘Big Ben.’ Though it is called … Continue reading Big Ben


So Easter is over.. Doesn’t look like I was able to find a home with the rest of my friends. Instead I’m still sitting here on the shelf. Waiting to go home, well a home. Hey the store is opening soon, maybe today is my day. Today was not my day. We’re being moved to … Continue reading Rose


“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor grow up to be a hero and scholar?” –Hamilton, opening number   March 24th, 6:45pm Keylee and I arrive at Keller Auditorium. Doors are open, lobby is … Continue reading Hamilton