Touch (Guest Post by: Phyllis)

“Touch”   What have you been touched by? What have you touched? Touch: to place the hand, finger, etc. in contact with. But there are other ways to be touched.   You can touch up paint. You can be a soft touch (someone can use you because you’re a soft touch.) Soft Touch : A … Continue reading Touch (Guest Post by: Phyllis)


(GPW) Mustafa’s Backstory by: Devon Cox

Guest Post Wednesday! Today's post is Devon's backstory in DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). Mustafa is a human barbarian and here is his story! -HKay :3 *** Early in his life, Mustafa knew he was going to be a great leader like his father. His father spent all his spare time teaching Mustafa everything he could … Continue reading (GPW) Mustafa’s Backstory by: Devon Cox