(GPW) Mustafa’s Backstory by: Devon Cox

Guest Post Wednesday! Today's post is Devon's backstory in DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). Mustafa is a human barbarian and here is his story! -HKay :3 *** Early in his life, Mustafa knew he was going to be a great leader like his father. His father spent all his spare time teaching Mustafa everything he could … Continue reading (GPW) Mustafa’s Backstory by: Devon Cox


//Voidsmans Log: GUEST//

//Cargo Ship: Holy Deliverance//+//Time Coordinate - 819.M41// The hallway was sweltering.  The walls weren't even solid: just an entangled web of metal pipes, plasteel columns, and cords.  It created the semblance of hallways and chambers.  But in reality the underdeck was one massive platform of the ship.  And everything was radiating heat. This ship was … Continue reading //Voidsmans Log: GUEST//