KayAnna’s Bio

As you can hopefully guess, my name is KayAnna. Though butchered often, it’s really not hard to pronounce. Ready? It’s Kay- (like the letter, K) -Anna (like, Anna).  Not too difficult, right? So I’m not sure what to say here… but I will say what you might want to learn from a bio on someone whose blog you’re reading.  You probably don’t even really want to know, but hey you kept reading. Look at that you’re still reading this. I digress. My birthdate is May 3rd, 1998. I live just outside of Portland, Oregon though I was born in the nasty desert..  I mean Phoenix, Arizona. I’m chronically sarcastic and a smartass. It has often been described as ‘off putting’ and borderline ‘unfriendly or rude.’ *insert that one gif of Kim K looking at the camera saying ‘tragic’*  Moving on, I love all animals but prefer dogs. My favorite color is black or maybe a really deep maroon/red; yes black is an option, I’ll fight you on this. I’m in my first year at a community college for my Associate of Arts right now, but plan to transfer to a 4 year for a bachelors in Industrial Design (or maybe higher, who knows). If you don’t know what that is, to save you the time of a google search, it’s Product Design. Yes, there is “like literally so much” I could do with that. Anywhere from designing a shoe box, to a car, to furniture, or really, any other consumer product. No, please do not come to with your “really cool invention ideas.” I truly don’t care how awesome your beer hat on steroids is, I’m not wasting my time on it. No shade, never shade.

I don’t really wanna share anything else with you, sorry. If you want more I guess you’ll have to read some of my rantings, some call them blog posts.

✶❀❅✰❅❀✶ I’ll respect your opinion, as long as your opinion doesn’t disrespect anybody’s existence. ✶❀❅✰❅❀✶